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Low cost

Environmentally friendly


Elegant look

Easy to build


Our building blocks have interlocking feature which means much less mortar is required between courses, construction is easier and costs further reduced.

JP Blocks are load bearing, so you can do whatever you want with the walls.



The durability of our building blocks will allow it to last for centuries! Ancient earthen structures still stand today in many parts of the world. The expected life span of a wood frame building is just 70 years. Compressed Interlocking Stabilized Soil Blocks (CISSB) have proven to be waterproof, fireproof, bug proof, bulletproof, sound resistant and mold resistant. CISSBs are an incredible building material.

-The health, comfort and durability of CISSB buildings are superior to that of concrete block or fired brick constructed structures

-CISSB is proven to be stronger than the conventional clay brick. Dry compressive strength testing at the University of Bath, UK, suggests that compressed interlocking stabilized soil block is up to 80% stronger than a clay brick.



JP Blocks are significantly less expensive than concrete blocks because the materials are locally available and it uses less mortar (thus eliminating or greatly reducing material costs). It is cheaper to stabilize compressed soil blocks with a small amount of cement than to build with concrete blocks or clay bricks.

Also plastering is not needed as our blocks have smooth finish and fine color.



The main advantage of compressed stabilized soil blocks is that it requires lesser energy than fired bricks or concrete blocks, and hence the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is 80% less than fired bricks. No trees are chopped down to fuel brick kilns, ancient forests are preserved and C02 emissions drastically reduced.

In addition to being good for the environment, energy savings are immediate because the thermal mass properties of CSSBs results in lower heating and cooling requirements.

Brand quality guaranteed!


We employ highly skilled labour and use quality material to ensure high quality building blocks and construction works.

Which wall will you choose?


Block size 23x22x11.5cm


Blocks needed pr 1m2 38


Price per block RWF 250


Cost of blocks per 1 m2 RWF 9,500


Total cost of mortar per 1 m2

RWF 1,050





Total cost of 1 m2 wall


RWF 10,550


No transport needed as the blocks are usually made on a building site.



Brick size 20x6x5cm


Bricks needed per 1m2 132


Price per brick RWF 45


Cost of bricks per 1 m2 RWF 5,940


Total cost of mortar per 1 m2

RWF 8,100





Total cost of 1 m2 wall


RWF 14,040


Transport cost is already included in price.



Blocks size 20x40x20cm


Blocks needed per 1m2 15


Price per block RWF 500


Cost of blocks per 1 m2 RWF 7,500


Total cost of mortar per 1 m2

RWF 3,700


Cost of gravel for filling blocks

RWF 3,000


Total cost of 1 m2 wall

RWF 14,200


Transport is an additional cost and it depends on a transport distance.




Blocks size 40x17.5x9.5cm


Blocks needed per 1m2 25


Price per block RWF 700


Cost of bricks per 1 m2 RWF 17,500


Total cost of mortar per 1 m2

RWF 6,400





Total cost of 1 m2 wall


RWF 23,900


Transport is an additional cost and it depends on a transport distance.


Please note:


These prices are estimates, not fixed prices, and are calculated using current price of cement 9500 RWF per bag as at 11/07/2018.


We are currently charging block production only fee 130 RWF per block. You will provide your cement and we will produce blocks for you.



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