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Contact us to have an initial discussion on your building requirements. We will come to your building site for an assessment. We carry out on-site soil testing to ensure the soil and water is of sufficient quality to go ahead with the production of the CISSBs.

Watch your building’s very own building blocks being made before your eyes! We set up the production area and construct the CISSBs on-site so you are aware of the process at each and every stage. No waiting around for delivery of building blocks, no transport delays, production control stays with us at all times.



We will excavate the soil on the site. We use all our own building equipment and keep the site orderly and well-maintained at all times.

The building process. Subject to your design requirements, we will build a house structure from the foundation, to the walls, and then the roof, using the locally sourced interlocking building blocks that we have manufactured on-site. Watch your home grow before your very eyes!

How we work - JP Blocks construction services

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